Kirk Frost Allegedly Married Rasheeda When She Was a Minor

Does Bambi need to be holding grudges about women breaking girl code? They were involved in making a song together some time ago, but after Scrappy shared the song on his social media, he immediately took the track down and never explained why. As it turns out, this change in behavior was all because of Bambi. It seems she is friends with a young woman who used to be in a relationship with Coca Vango, and claims Keisha started to romantically push up on him when that relationship was going on. One of those women was Bambi, who was not a cast member at the time and had previously appeared on Basketball Wives. There were also claims that when she started dating Scrappy, he was still dealing with Erica Dixon , the mother of his daughter. All that being said, people asked where her girl code was during those times.

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To kick off the excitement, Zino tells Stevie he’s ready to propose to Althea — the good girl with a sweet smile that’s hard to resist. But remember Karlie Redd? She’s the singer-actress-nobody-knows-what-she-does that was in the Hip Hop Weekly head honcho’s life five minutes before he was ready to settle down — ring and all — and everyone sees how that turned out. Unfortunately, the believe-none-of-what-you-see mentality applies here because it turns out Althea aka Hoethea if you let Joseline Hernandez and Karlie Redd tell it , has made her way around the block and been on her Drake and the Weeknd tip loving the crew.

The problem: she’s only told Benzino about Nikko — her high school hook-up. But while Zino is busy planning another proposal, Kirk Frost is busy stirring up new trouble with old feelings by telling Karlie Redd about her ex’s current situation.

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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ recap: season 3, episode 4

In this episode, Ciara gets some camera time. She owns an establishment called the Glam Shop, a hotspot for celebrities from all walks of life. Mariah, who Ciara has hired as a marketing manager, says that Ciara is hard to work with, but the business she brings is worth dealing with her attitude. Since going public about Kirk Frost fathering Jasmine’s child, the money he was sending to cover her bills and expenses has stopped coming in.

Now she’s forced to look for housing elsewhere. During the meeting, Karlie gets to have a glimpse of the child in question, who she says looks a little bit like Kirk.

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Their marriage has been thrown into the limelight on more than one occasion, including rumors of infidelity and secret children. But a whole new allegation has come to light claiming Kirk adopted Rasheeda when she was a minor and married her when she was only Was Rasheeda really adopted by Kirk? They been together for 20 years. He has 7 kids, 2 are hers. Why nobody compare him to Robert Kelly?

Since posting the tweet, it’s gotten almost 25, retweets and over 75, likes, and most of the reactions in the replies to the tweet are of utter disbelief. The video, however, was posted in April — over two years ago — though the allegations are just taking off now. It didn’t take long before Kirk and Rasheeda took to Twitter to personally address the allegations themselves, releasing a video claiming it was all false. Since people wanna talk here u go!

If you try to Google Rasheeda’s age, it’s listed as 37, claiming her birthday is May 25, Considering she and Kirk married in — the date of which is supported by their 20th wedding anniversary — that would make Rasheeda 17 when they wed. But instead of addressing that, Kirk and Rasheeda just said not to believe everything on the internet, alleging that Rasheeda’s published birthday is wrong. Some have hit the replies of the tweet with evidence that Rasheeda was young when she met Kirk, including a birthday video from when Rasheeda’s friends talk about how Kirk would pick her up from high school in “the fly-est a-s car.

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That’s what Rasheeda told her son, the boy she and Kirk created. Why bother Rasheeda’s annoying mom to handle those duties? Instead of talking with Rasheeda about finding a nanny, he decides to do so on his own. And rather than go through an agency or even Craigslist, he finds a much better way. He’s hanging out at a sports bar with Benzino and enjoys the company of Jasmine , a pretty young lady who serves drinks there.

Host Kirk Ross welcomes guests into his attic to discuss personal struggles, music includes “atlanta girls” by trash panda and “bambi” by hippo campus. about her background, Janelle gets into the struggles of dating in the modern world.

Him and those damb denim vests. Power Couple Denied — Kirk went to go see his buddy, Benzino, to whine about his marriage problems. Zino tells him to try to work it out because he would hate to see such a power couple break up. Never trust a man in a distressed denim vest with his Twitter account stitched on it. Loving Frenemies — K. Michelle meets up with Mimi to apologize about her statements that led to their last fight. The ladies kiki it up and throw shade at Nikko, who seems to be out of the picture.

For now. From Makeup to Breakup — As those two biddies made up, two others broke up. She needs a sassy gay friend to get her life together. That is some dysfunctional stuff right there. Unchecked Jealousy — Traci and Drew got hired to DJ at the same club on the same night so she brings her new boo, Shawn who looks like Steroid Ken, the action figure. When she introduces them, Drew throws shade until homeboy walks away.

The Tables Have Turned — Joseline rolls up to the studio to meet Stevie, and she tells him she wants a commitment from him.

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Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Mona Scott-Young and Co. In addition to the aforementioned, there was Mimi and Nikko Stevie K, who kicked off the show with their bullshit. Stevie K gleefully tells Mimi about his altercation with Stevie J. This prompts the habitually upset Mimi to yell expletives and order him to get the fuck out of her new car. He refuses to leave, so she storms off.

Although Thea and Zino have been dating for six months, rumor has it that the swimming through everyone’s mind: Why is Kirk concerned about love lives that don’t Dear Bambi, thank you choosing not to add to anymore of Scrappy and.

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The series has a large ensemble cast. Over eight seasons, 15 people have appeared in the opening credits as leading cast members. The show features a sprawling supporting cast , with 63 people credited as “additional cast” or “featured” in the show’s end credits. These secondary cast members appear in green screen confessional segments and for the most part have the same amount of screen time and storyline focus as the show’s main cast members.

Rasheeda and Kirk finally are able to secure their son’s freedom. fitted for Joc’s wedding but not before Scrapp has a chance to confront Shooter about dating his sister. Loyalties are shown as Bambi and LightskinKeisha finally meet up.

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Big Tigger talks to LHHATL’s Mary Jane and Bambi about the Hot Tub scene!!!